1. Have a wedding planner:

Putting an event that cannot be repeated in professional hands, always guarantees the result you want.

2. Prepare a Budget:

It is essential to contemplate the details and prioritize.

3. Dare to be original:

Don’t be afraid to do what you want with your wedding, knowing the latest market trends and taking elements that can make your event look better. Using distinctive elements in your celebration will make it memorable forever.

4. Think with your heart to make each decision:
The wedding decoration must be a faithful representation of the essence of the couple, and it is essential to make decisions not with your head, but with your heart.

6. Have a plan B:
As well as having a good work team, think about a plan B if you choose an outdoor wedding, in case it rains or is cold.

5. Keep guests in mind:
Think about the guests so that they feel comfortable throughout the celebration with a perfect welcome, presents or personalized spaces and other accessories so they can enjoy the event in the best way.