Persian ceremony

There are two stages to a Persian marriage The first stage is known as “Aghd” which is basically a legal commitment, the bride and groom and their guardians sign a marriage contract. The “Jashn-e Aroosi” is the second step, which is basically the wedding reception. Persian Wedding Sofreh-ye Aghd consist in: a mirror, two candles, a tray of seven herbs and spices multicolored, a flat bread baked in a special way and decorated a basket of decorated eggs, decorated almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts, a basket of pomegranates / apples, a cup of rose water, a dish made of sugar and a brazier, a cup of honey, a needle seven strands of colored thread.

A copy of the couple’s Holy Book is placed on the spread. For Christian couples, it would be the Bible, for Zorastians Avesta, For Muslims Qur’an, …. This symbolizes God’s blessing for the couple. Some couples use a poetry book such as Khayyam’s poetry collection or Hafiz poetry collection instead of a religeous holy book.

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