Hindu Ceremony

An Indian Ceremony is performed by an Indian or Zoroastrian Priest, it depends from which part of India is the couple, so far we don’t count with Indian priest in Cancun, most of then come from USA. An Indian Ceremony celebrates marriage as a sacrament (Sanskara), a rite enabling two individuals to star their journey in life together. In a Hindu Wedding, the multiplicity of creation becomes possible when spirit (Purush) unites with matter (Prakritti). The Hindu Wedding lays emphasis in three essential values: Happiness, Harmony and Growth. Ceremony steps: Jaimala, Madhupak, Kanyadan, Havan, Rajagam, Gath Bandhan, Mangalphera, Saptapardi,  Jalastnchana, Sindhoor, Aashirvad, Mangalasutra. We help you planning all the Hindu Wedding from Meet and Greet, Mendhi, Baraat, Indian ceremony, Vidhai,  Reception.

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