Civil Wedding

A Civil Wedding is a Legal ceremony performed by a civil judge, this type of ceremony change your marital status from single to married in Mexico.  The Marriage Certificate which is issued as a result of this act is recognized by most of the countries with an apostil.

Documentation required for each participant in a Civil Marriage Ceremony in Mexico:

  1. Valid original passports and photocopies of bride and groom. IFE should be Mexican.
  2. Driver´s license
  3. Mexican Tourist card (provided by customs upon arrival to Cancun)
  4. Prenuptial blood exam and prenuptial certificate has to be done in Mexico. Valid for 14 days maximum. These 2 requirements need to have your official names on it, exactly as it appears on your birth certificates.
  5. Four witnesses, 2 for the groom and 2 for the bride, they cannot be your own parents. (All witnesses must have original passport and tourist card (for foreigners). If you don´t, here we can arrange destination).
  6.  In the case of divorce, you must present the final divorce certificate. Women & Men must be divorced for at least 362 days before they are permitted to marry again in Mexico. The divorce certificate must be translated into Spanish and authenticated by a Mexican Embassy or consulate official (needs to be done in the US before you arrive). Original or notarized copy of former spouse’s death certificate is requested.
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